Ajman has invested multi-millions in building one of the most attractive free zone in the region.
The free zone is providing same services and facilities others are providing with a special focus on low fares making it the magnetic that pulls investors.
License Types:
Ajman Free Zone authority offers four different type of license where each license has different annual fees:
a) Trade License:
    you may apply for one activity trade license for AED 3,900, two activities for AED 5,200 , three activities for AED 6,500 or a 
    general trading license for AED 9,100 annually.
b) Professional Service license for AED 6,500 per annum .
c) Industrial License for AED 9,100 per annum   OR
d) National Industrial License for AED 9,100 per annum.
Types of Ownership:
There are many options for the ownership types that can meet your requirements for opening a business in Ajman Free Zone.
a) Free Zone Entity
                         FZE enjoys a separate legal entity and is owned (100%) by either a person or a corporate body.
                         Such an entity must have a capital equivalent to US $ 50,000. The liability of the owner is limited to the
                         amount of the share capital.
b) Free Zone Company
                         Such company enjoys a separate legal identity and the liability of its owner is limited to the value of
                         the paid up shared capital
c) Branch of Foreign Country
                          Licenses under this category are issued to foreign companies established outside the UAE that intend to
                          incept a branch or a subsidiary of their foreign registered company. The activity may be commercial,
                          industrial or professional/services.
d) Branch of a Local Company
                          Licenses under this category are issued to companies holding a valid license from any UAE licensing
                          authority except from other Free Zone
Free Zone Offered Facilities:
a) Electronic Office center
                           The electronic Center's mission is to equip entrepreneurs with the necessary tools to start ,
                            sustain and expand a successful enterprise.
b) Offices
                            It is Executive Office. We provide you telephone line, fax line and P.O.Box address and network connection.
                            It is located near Ajman Port.
c) Warehouse
                            World class infrastructure new warehouses have been made for our customers,
                             the size of this new area is about five million square feet and it includes 286 warehouses
                             which are equipped with all necessary services, in addition of provision sophisticated residential area
                             for workers in order to provide the best services for our investors.  
d) Lands
                             AFZA offers land plots of minimum size 2000 s.q m and the term of lease is annual. 
                             All land plots located in Ajman Port.
e) Smart Office
                             Partners: maximum two partners
                             Residence Visa: one owner & one employee or two owners
                             Visa Validity: three years
For more details , please visit the  Ajman Free Zone Authority website or contact them on +971 6 7011555.