​You can pay the your Etisalat bills in 11 ways.

  1. Etisalat Business Centres - Pay your bills by cash, cheque or credit card at your nearest Etisalat Business Centre.
  2. Etisalat Online Service - View your bills, pay them online and do a lot more from anywhere via fast and secure transactions at www.etisalat.ae/online
  3. Public Cash Payment Machines - Public Payment Machines are located at various strategic locations across the UAE. Some accept credit cards too. You can locate the nearest machine by using the interactive Etisalat.
  4. Autopay using your credit card - Schedule regular automatic payments — using automatic deduction — from a pre-registered credit card. See details at www.etisalat.ae/online 
  5. Direct debit from bank account - Most banks allow their customers to opt for directly debiting their account for Etisalat bills. The amount due will be deducted directly from your bank account each month. To activate, complete the application form and submit it to your bank branch. Contact your bank for further details.
  6. Mobile Pay - Register your credit card with Etisalat Online Services and pay your Etisalat bills using your mobile phone, by dialling *122# on your interactive mobile menu.
  7. eZeePay via Emirates Post Office or preferred banking channels - Enquire about and pay your bills through any of your preferred banking channels: telephone, online, SMS, ATMs or WAP. Also available at Emirates Post counters and RAK eGovernment.
  8. BizDirect - Pay Etisalat bills, renew and recharge your prepaid account directly from your bank account via www.etisalat.ae/online. This payment can be performed from within the secure Internet banking environment.
  9. Offline payment through bank - Pay using ATMs, counters, or other channels as facilitated by the following banks: Arab Bank, HSBC Bank Middle East, Lloyds Bank Plc, National Bank of Abu Dhabi, Standard Chartered Bank.
  10. Payment through ordinary mail - Mail a cheque to the Director Finance of your respective Etisalat region.
  11. Cheque deposite at drop boxes - Drop your cheque into specially marked boxes located at Etisalat Business Centres. You can locate these boxes by using the interactive Etisalat map.