Ajman Digital Government launches 'Open Data Project'

Wed, 06/19/2019 - 11:12

The Ajman Digital Government launched the "Open Data Project," in cooperation with local government departments.

The project, which encourages the community and non-governmental sectors to help meet the goals of Ajman Vision 2021, includes over 90 data categories available on the Ajman website (ajman.ae), such as commercial activities, transportation, infrastructure, commerce, industry, laws, tourism, economy and money.

Ohoud Shehail, Director-General of the Ajman Digital Government, said the project aims to keep pace with global trends, achieve overall development, and unleash the creativity of individuals and institutions that utilise the available data.

The Ajman Digital Government has 25 data ambassadors who are employees of 10 government departments, and were taught about the importance of open data and the country’s successful experience in this area, and trained to collect and classify data, she added .


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