59% Growth in New Business Licenses in Ajman during the first quarter.

Sun, 07/14/2019 - 09:14

According to the report of business movement in Emirate of Ajman during the first quarter of this year, a significant increase was noticed in the number of new licenses issued during the first quarter of this year by 59%, compared to the same period last year. The increase has embraced all types of commercial, industrial and professional licenses. The renewed licenses also noticed a growth by 41%. The positive results reflect the continuous confidence of businessmen and investors in the economic situation and the optimism on future growth of Ajman which notices a continuous increase in finance and business sector, in light of initiatives and schemes implemented by the DED to develop business conduct environment and enhance its competitiveness regionally and globally.


H.E. Ali Eissa Alnuaimi, Director General of Ajman DED said: “the constant increase of business licenses proves the robust local economy, investment environment attractiveness, the strategic position of the emirate in the region and its developed infrastructure components and the other strategic economic and social components. It also proves the opportunities available in all various economic sectors and activities, and our movement forward to the achievement of our vision to develop a diversified competitive economy based on knowledge and innovation by 2021. The DED will continue its efforts to stimulate business within the next period, by sustained improvement of services and facilities provided to investors and the promotion of value added activities”.


In her turn, Fatima Ahmed Al Shamsi, Director of Planning & Economic Studies Department said: “the total number of new licenses issued during the first quarter was 1665 licenses, including 1191 new professional licenses by 80% growth, compared to the first quarter of 2018, , 418 new commercial licenses by 25% growth, and 35 new industrial licenses by 75% growth, while the renewed licenses increased by a total of 6484 renewed licenses, including 3163 new commercial licenses by 29% growth, 3093 renewed professional licenses by 58% growth and 215 renewed industrial licenses by 19% growth. Commercial permits increased by 12%, with 13835 licenses issued, during the first quarter of the year”.


Al Shamsi added: “buildings maintenance activity ranked first with 456 licenses, followed by building interior cleaning services activity which with 148 licenses, and then exterior cleaning services (buildings facades) with 117 licenses. For renewed licenses, buildings maintenance activity also ranked first with 832 licenses, followed by Interior design (décor) activity with 419 licenses, and buildings painting works activity with 329 licenses”.

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