Ajman Data Visualization Challenge 2021


Unlike a hackathon, which focuses mostly on applications and IT related outcomes, the purpose of this challenge is to encourage and target a wider range of audience from students, researchers, data scientists and artists…etc. whom have the ability to use their visualization research skills & techniques to contribute to the new way of letting the data speak for itself. This challenge is looking for people with creative visualizations and other artwork outcomes that can create stories and speak about Ajman in two themes: visit Ajman or invest in Ajman using its current available open data sets in Ajman.ae and Bayanat.ae.


• This competition is open to all creatives in the UAE.

• You can participate as an individual or in a team up to 4 people.

• You can submit up to 3 submissions maximum.

• All submissions must fulfil the eligibility criteria provided.

The submission will be reviewed and evaluated by an elite jury of experts who will be announced later.

• Visit Ajman.

• Invest in Ajman.

• You can submit your visualization in a range of media formats such as; interactive infographic, graphic images, motion graphics or video.

• All web-based visualization must function in standard browsers (Chrome, Safari and Firefox).

• For web-based visualizations, you are expected to host it and submit the URL of the page only.

• Department of Digital Ajman will have the copyrights to share and use all submissions received.

• For each submission, you should use at least one dataset related to the Emirate of Ajman provided in Ajman Government data portal (Ajman.ae) or any other UAE Government data portal (eg. Bayanat.ae).

• The language of the submission should be either in Arabic or English.

• You should submit your story in the challenge dedicated page hosted on Ajman.ae. For web-based stories, you are expected to host it on your own and submit the URL of the page only.

To view submissions of the Top 10 winners of Ajman Data Visualization Challenge 2021 click here

All submissions that meet the eligibility criteria will be evaluated against the following criteria and each jury assigned to a submission will give the submission a score from 1 to 5 for each point mentioned below:

Clarity: presents information that is clear, accessible, accurate, timely and meaningful.

Storytelling: uses narrative, point of view, or tone to tell a persuasive story.

Aesthetics: embodies beauty, balance, and visual originality.

Originality: to what extent the visualization’s approach and design are innovative.

Inspiration: to what extent the visualization encourages the audience to take action or learn something new about the Emirate.

Dataset: at least one dataset from the Ajman Government or Ajman data from UAE Government data sources provided needs to be used and mentioned.

Accepted submissions will be published and recognized on the Ajman Government unified website Ajman.ae. A monetary award of AED 20,000 will be awarded to 3 winners the prizes will be handed/delivered accordingly

1st place AED 10,000/-

2nd place AED 6,000/- 

3rd place AED 4,000/-

Awarded submissions will also be posted on the official portal of the emirate:  www.ajman.ae with the winner name and social media contacts for 1 year.

• The challenge will start on the 15th of June, 2021 on www.Ajman.ae

• The submission will close on the 4th of September, 2021 at 11:59pm.

• The winners will be announced in October 2021.