Application For Supplier Registration

Registration and qualification of suppliers/ contractors/ consultants for the purpose of
authorizing them to transact with government agencies of the Government of Ajman
(through participation in tenders, supplies and services

Required Documents


  • A copy of the valid trade license.


  • 1 visit the website of Department of Finance - Government of Ajman at:
  • 2 Choose “Services” from the main menu then click on “Suppliers and Contractors Registration
  • 3 Fill in the form, attach the required documents, and click on Submit application. Then you will receive a notification message about creating the application by e-mail. The application will be sent to the concerned team for review and approval
  • 4 If the application is approved, the applicant will be notified via e-mail to complete the payment process. Click on the link attached to the e-mail and complete the payment procedure. You will receive an e-mail message on successfully completing the registration process and it will contain the data of login to the system.

Service fees

  • 100 DHS

Service Duration

  • 3 Days