Request for Initial Arbitrator / Expert registration

Service provided to individuals with good experience in arbitration and dispute resolution, or in any commercial, financial, engineering, accounting, legal or other technical or professional disciplines, to be available to individuals and arbitration bodies.

Required Documents


  • Academic qualifications

  • Biography

  • Certificates of practical experience, training, professional memberships, etc. if any related to the field of expertise

  • A copy of the proof of identity document

  • Criminal case research certificate

  • Photo

  • Any other relevant documents or certificates that prove the applicant's experience in arbitration


  • 1 Filling and delivering the application form for the schedules of arbitrators and experts
  • 2 Attending the interview before the Center Committee if the application is initially approved
  • 3 Swearing before the Committee in the event of final approval
  • 4 Payment of the registration fee for the current year and completion of the registration file

Service fees

  • Application fee of AED 600 is non-refundable

  • Table enrolment fees of AED 600 per year, calculated for the nearest month